About Us

Providing reliable repair and fabrication services to the maritime and industrial sectors for over 20 years

Why Choose JMR?

JMR’s great depth of resources, highly qualified employees, and focus on exceeding customer expectations translates to exceptionally responsive and reliable services. We possess a wide array of fabrication, machining, and repair capabilities that serve the maritime and industrial sectors, and our expanded support network allows us to leverage our competitive advantage to better meet our customers’ evolving needs. Whether it be on-site field work or accompanying shop work, we are travel-ready to any destination, domestic and abroad.


JMR’s Story

Starting from humble beginnings, JMR began operations in October of 1999 out of a 2,000 sq ft building with less than ten technicians. Over the following years, we succeeded in establishing ourselves as a reliable machine and repair shop, and grew the company to 41,000 sq ft of shop and building space with impressive capabilities in machine, structural, pipe, and electrical repairs.


Growth and Expansion

In June of 2019, JMR joined forces with East Coast Repair and Fabrication (ECR), an established company with an impressive reputation specializing in Navy ship repair. The merger combined our resources and allowed ECR to expand its offerings beyond the Navy repair market. Here at JMR, now ECR’s commercial market division, we remain focused on the commercial repair and fabrication market, servicing the non-Navy maritime sector with a greatly expanded resource pool.